6 Best Websites for Commercial Real Estate Comps

How to get comps for commercial real estate?

If you are working on a commercial real estate appraisal, or researching the current market value of a commercial real estate property, or preparing a CMA (comparative market analysis), you need to get your hands on real estate comps (more specifically sales comps) in order to complete your commercial appraisal or analysis.

Same goes for if you are a commercial real estate broker, landlord or tenant and doing a lease transaction.

You also need to find commercial property comps, cre rent comps or commercial lease comps to make sure your deal is in line with market rental rates. 

Commercial real estate comparables (comps) can be challenging to find.

If a commercial real estate transaction closes from a local multiple listing service (MLS), then only the members or real estate brokers of that MLS have access to that information.

Unfortunately, most commercial real estate transactions close outside of the MLS, and not every commercial real estate broker belongs to a local multiple listing service.

Some municipalities in the U.S. publish closed sales transactions on their government websites, but not every county or city provides this service. 

InclusiveCRE has identified 6 companies that offer CRE comps (comparables) for both sales comps and lease comps

  1. CompStak

  2. RPR Commercial

  3. Real Capital Analytics

  4. Cred iQ

  5. Reonomy

  6. Moody’s Analytics

If you are looking for free commercial real estate comps, CompStak offers a unique solution to real estate brokers who are in need of a comp.

Think of it as a croudsourcing of information which is helping the commercial real estate industry.

The CRE broker offers commercial comps information to CompStak, and CompStak provides a comp in return.

It is a partnership, an exchange of information, and a win-win for both parties.

The broker gets his or her comp, and CompStak grows its database of comp information.




CompStak is the world’s first comprehensive database of commercial deal information (comps). Brokers exchange the comps they have at hand, for the specific comps they need.


RPR Commercial

From searching on- and off-market properties, lifestyle and behavior data, investment analysis, and site selection tools, RPR is a property data resource that can elevate every facet of your commercial real estate business.


Real Capital Analytics

Real Capital Analytics is a one-stop solution for commercial property transaction research and analysis. From real-time data to succinct research reports, the roster of intelligence offered by RCA is unmatched.


Cred iQ

CRED iQ is a commercial real estate data, analytics, and valuation platform designed to help unlock investment, financing, and leasing opportunities.



Reonomy is revolutionizing the world of commercial real estate with unrivaled access to in-depth property details and analysis across the US.


Moody's Analytics

Moody’s Analytics provides commercial real estate data, analytics, and solutions at your fingertips. Access property data, trends, and forecasts across all property types in all major US markets.