Investment Companies

Where do I find commercial real estate investment companies

Investment Companies

We call this group of companies Large Landlords. The list includes:

Commercial and Development Investors
Hospitality Investors
Institutional Investors
Industrial Real Estate Investment Firms
Multi-Family Apartment Investors
Mobile Home Park Investors
Private Equity Firms in Real Estate
Private Investment Firms in Real Estate
Real Estate Investment Trusts – better know as REITs
Real Estate Family Offices (Single and Multi)
Retail Investors
Self-Storage Investors
Senior Housing Investors
Student Housing Investors

This group of property owners engage in acquiring and leasing properties to tenants. These companies tend to hold real estate in multiple states all across the U.S. Some companies specialize in a given asset class (retail, office, industrial, healthcare, multi-family, etc.) and some companies may be owners of multiple asset classes.

If you want to add your commercial real estate investment company to this list, contact us and tell us about your commercial real estate company, and we will add you our website free of charge.

We should note that we only add commercial real estate investment companies that display their property listings on their own websites. If your website does not have a tab or list of your offerings, your website will not be considered